Why Avcon


AvconAcademy employs the best Aviation Instructors. Combined with our state of the art training programs and tools, this Team delivers tremendous programs through online self-teach modules, webinar training, virtual reality hands-on instruction, with specifically designed classroom training for each Corporate Client’s needs. We also write manuals for: Ground Handling, Deicing, Operations Load Control and Flight Planning, Airport Operations Best Practices, and Leadership Skills Training. Our Passenger Services manuals are focused on special needs handling and leadership skills inclusive of not-too-distant automation. Finally, our Human Factors and Labour Relations training for management are designed to transform your workplace culture.


Our amazing Wizards of “Why” consultants and project managers achieve culturally transformative results through our Revenue Science driven process, as we integrate your Standard Operating Practices with your Core Values, forming an unbreakable bond throughout every division of your company. We always align with your company’s vision and mission and focus on improving your bottom line together with the quality of your workplace dynamic.


Our AvconOps Centralized Load Control and Flight Planning expert business unit offers the safest and best in flight operations support with an economic effectiveness you will love.


Ask Yourself Why

Everyone has a Safety Management and/or Environmental Sustainability Program. Right? After all there are many very good to excellent programs out there for you to use! Is yours working for …