Environmental Sustainability

Contrary to the popular opinions of the “Flat Earth” believers Global Warming is a very real phenomenon that if not actioned will lead to very serious consequences for future generations of humankind, wildlife and the eco-system that sustains life.

Airports and the Aviation Community provide an invaluable service in transporting people and products in the timeliest manner available. Unfortunately, the carbon footprint we leave is helping to add to the environmental challenges of our sustainable future. The Industry has been working diligently to reduce the harmful effects of this footprint but there is much more we can do and the timeframe is getting tighter as each day passes. We are a Community which prides itself on on-time performance (OTP), well it is time to apply the same sense of urgency to achieving environmental compliance at our airports in our lifetime and not leave the solution to our children.

Not only is achieving acceptable environmental sustainability good moral stewardship it makes excellent economic sense as well.

The operating cost of e-equipment over the lifetime of the vehicle can be less expensive than the cost of today’s current fossil fuel driven equipment dominating the airport aprons landscape today. Interim steps such as using bio fuels and the like are commendable but not the best solution and have not proven to be any more cost effective than the gas and diesel equipment in use today. THE Community needs to make the commitment to going green on their ramps immediately and infrastructure upgrades planning MUST include support charging for a move to 100% electric equipment.

Eliminating hydrocarbon generating equipment will enhance air quality tremendously improving the atmosphere and saving surrounding municipalities money in cleanup costs and air purification.

The move to LEAP planning needs to be incorporated into new Buildings and infrastructure renovations must continue.

Waste recycling both solid and storm water management needs to be part of any airport operating plans moving forward starting today. These plans can be made economically advantageous as well as being environmentally and morally correct.

The time for talking is done the time for action is past due. Let’s work diligently to leave our atmosphere in better shape for the next generation.

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