Human Centered Design and Passenger Experience

by Paula Moreira

Human Centered Design (HCD) is a problem-solving process focusing upon the human perspective. In other words, it’s the process of designing products, services, systems and experiences for the people. But what does that mean from an airport perspective?

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Passenger Terminal Conference 2019 in London, UK. For those who don’t know, it is an international airport conference focusing on the development of passenger terminals and improvement of passenger experiences at the airport. While I was there, I had the opportunity to listen to some speakers talking about airport design, planning and development. That’s when HCD came into my mind.

It was interesting and exciting to hear that many airports are planning their development taking into consideration, the opinion of those who are the most impacted by the airport design: the community and of course, the passengers. Doing surveys, interviews, meetings or simply talking to them are effective ways of listening and understanding how they feel, what they like and dislike at airports and suggestions they might have.

Small things like offering options for arriving passengers to get a drink, a simple entertainment for passengers waiting for flights, offering services as checking in and dropping bags in other points outside the airport, all make a big difference and contribute towards enhancing their experience. That’s what HCD is all about.

Technology is also something that makes life easier, including for Human Centered Design. It is common-sense that airports are moving in that direction more and more each year and this was very clear at the Passenger Terminal Conference. It was interesting to hear how technological airports are becoming, by making biometrics and face recognition a reality, offering self-service processes from checking in all the way to boarding the aircraft. Passengers are gaining full control of their journey, and the airport is enhancing its efficiency, security and boosting its capacity relieving queues and freeing spaces that can be optimized for a better use.

Human Centered Design is a great part of what Space Dynamics is and improving passenger experience is a great part of what AVCON.WW have to offer. With our expertise, we are able to find the best human centered solutions for your airport to prosper, enhancing capacity and effectiveness.

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