Navigating in todays’ airports. How hard can it be?

Navigating in todays’ airports. How hard can it be?

by Paula Moreira

It is common sense that the basic flow structure of an airport is straight forward: check-in, drop bags, security and find the right gate. Some airports are still easy but, once upon a time, airports were just a place people went to catch a flight. Decades have passed and a lot has changed. Airports are considered the front door of many cities and countries around the world. The first and last place visitors go. But more than that, airports are becoming a greater part of the community, big transportation hubs and even a shopping mall with a runway.

Airports are evolving and growing in a way that it can be overwhelming. Finding our way in such structures is not always simple and we can easily get lost (especially when we are in a hurry), just following the arrows from the signs many times don’t feel like it’s enough. That’s when technology and creativity come in handy. The way lighting is disposed, the differences on the floor, even the “random” art works we find around some airports can be effective ways of wayfinding.

In airports we can find different cultures and languages, for such a diverse environment having a universal signage is extremely important. The goal for an airport wayfinding is simple: to help to improve the passenger experience. Thinking of that, a standard signage protocol is fundamental for a clear visual communication. Passengers need to know where they are, where they are going and how long it will take. People like to have control of what they are doing, being able to plan ahead can decrease anxiety, which means they’ll have time to go through stores, restaurants, coffee shops and spend money on goods they desire and at the end of the day, that’s exactly what airports and retailers want as well.

With all the technology options, airports are evolving fast. There are endless possibilities out there to help us keep up to date with all the changes easily and effectively while maintaining control. We at AVCON.WW are committed to find the best solutions for your Airport needs. Every detail matters. With team work and engagement, the best results are achievable.

All that being said, I’m curious, what is your favourite airport to navigate and why?

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