Space Dynamics, what is the point?

by Paula Moreira

When people read my LinkedIn profile or business cards, they see the words ‘Space Dynamics’ there. Most of them immediately think I have something to do with the outer space, but no, as much as it would definitely be something interesting to work with, the space dynamics I talk about is simply the dynamics of a space, how it works, or in other words, the space management. Have you ever heard of it? Maybe your mind is saying the obvious “management of space”, but what does that really mean?

You would be surprised learning the many benefits that a proper space management can have on your business. Understanding how your space is being utilized is important to define its proper usage. Managing your queues and flows are examples of how to identify and optimize underutilized spaces ensuring more productivity and efficiency of your staff, it improves communication and makes it easier to plan a strategy for future business and revenue growth.

Now imagine all those benefits in an airport. How great would it be to get to an airport and easily find your way around?! Minimum to no queues on your way to your flight, and more quality time to spend exploring the stores, using facilities and enjoying a restaurant or coffee shop.

Airports will reach their limit of expansion at some point and optimizing the existing space is, without a doubt, the best solution for them to accommodate the number of passengers that keeps increasing every year. Technology will be a great part of it, it already is a reality in some airports around the world as the flow and queues issues have started to increase significantly. This is the trend airports will be following in the next decades and knowing how to take advantage of it, adapting the space in order that it doesn’t end up underutilized will make a considerable difference on its efficiency. Additionally, it is important to mention that space management doesn’t only benefits the passenger terminal at an airport. The airside, ground handling facilities, hangars along with the outside with parking lots and passenger’s drop-off and pick-up areas also are affected with all the changes and they too need to be optimized and always practical.

We at AVCON want to help optimize your existing or non-existent process through our Revenue Science integration to assist revenue growth and eliminate chaos causing wasted time, our team together carries extensive expertise in aviation and architecture making us the right choice to help you find the most effective solutions and evolve the process to improve your profitability.

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