What works for me…

by Sanjay Malik

My new year resolution has been the same for the past few years, to reflect on what I achieved in the previous year and how successful or satisfied I was with my achievements. Over the years I have read several books from successful people, cultivated behaviors and adopted best practices from the teachings of prominent people; however, my success has been in finding my own way.

Every year I find that of all the projects I take on, the ones that are successful are the ones where I have followed the three D’s.

Data – track my progress with analysis of what works for me

Discipline – stay focused and not stray far from the path to my goal

Diversity – change patterns/processes regularly to find the best fit for that time

A decade has passed, and I have successfully achieved a personal goal and stayed the course in my career. As I embarked on my journey, I met the disbelievers, the critics, the “why you cannot do it” people and of course the supporters. My greatest fan and supporter was the first D, data I tracked and collected religiously that gave me the push to do more, the unsaid words of encouragement when I faltered and the picture of success that I could share with my colleagues.

A lot can be said about the second D; I see self-discipline as the greatest power in myself to stay focused and motivated, working towards achieving what I set out to do. Numerous goals and tasks over time have been left incomplete or abandoned completely as I started focusing on other priorities. My commitment to discipline myself in exploring new routes, researching new ideas and analysing each process became my greatest achievement.

An equal partner in my success is diversity in my approach to achieving goals, the third D which assists to stop boredom taking over with a repetitive approach every day. The resilience to change mid-stream just makes it so much more fun in completing the task and avoids the thought of giving up.

Once I managed to create my tracking tools, watch my progress (up or down) and have others analyze my data to give me feedback, I was on the path to achieving far more goals than I ever thought possible.

Intertwining my personal goals into my work-related targets from a single player to a team effort without the constraints of short term time limitations set me on a path of streamlining processes, standards, and rules to avoid wastage or chaos in work communications that consistently eat away on revenue productivity.

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