Where does it Hurt? The Magic of Revenue Science in Solving Integrated TEAM issues

by Wayne Anaka

Aviation Congruence – Wizards of Why (AVCON.WW Inc.) is a highly motivated TEAM of Revenue Science experts, specialising in helping the Aviation Community come together as one successfully aligned team.

If you are experiencing difficulty in bringing your various employees, departments & associates together in an effective coordinated effort to create harmony and alignment with your vision and mission statement, we can help!

Are you concerned with achieving your financial goals, delivering the best operational product and out performing your competitors? What about your colleagues are they equally concerned about these goals? Have all of your employees bought into your vision and just as important, delivering on your Brand promise? If the answer to these questions is not a resounding passionate yes then achieving your financial, safety and performance targets will be extremely remote.

We will work with your entire Team or Community to bring everyone together and pulling in the right direction,, fully integrated with your Core Values, to maximise safety, on-time performance and profitability in a cost effective revenue expanding manner.

Most companies and organisations look at safety management as a cost centre. Using this manner of thinking one can never reconcile the need for safety with the requirement of optimum on-time performance (OTP) while maximising the bottom line. The three are in constant conflict. The challenge is how to balance OTP with safety. The answer is Revenue Science.

Safety is not a cost centre but a driver of profits and better operational performance. Money, time and effort spent on safety is an investment not an expense. Only through the proper application of integrated revenue science principles, encompassing team-building, revenue growth and chaos elimination, will each aviation company or organisation and airport community come together to maximise safety, improving performance and optimising revenue growth.

Is it worth a two (2) hour conversation to determine if we can help resolve your “pain point”? If the answer is yes then please contact us online at www.avconww.com or via email at info@avconww.com or via phone 416 214 6881.

If you wish to learn more about this future please contact us at info@avconww.com or call at 416 283 7575.

AVCON.WW Inc. is a consulting & training solution Company specializing in best practice, SMS & environmental change transition management solutions through quality auditing, training and corporate cultural integration throughout all levels and departments, in the Transportation Industry in the Aviation, Trucking, Transit, Rail and Shipping sectors.